How to Play

 1. Each game consists of six rounds, with one half time question and one final question.

2. Each round consists of three questions. The categories for the three questions are announced at the beginning of each round.

3. Teams are allotted three point values to use each round. Once you have assigned that value to an answer, you cannot use it again for that round. The point values for rounds one through three are 2, 4, and 6 (maximum score of 12 points per round). The values for rounds four through six are 5, 7 and 9 (maximum score of 21 points per round).

4. Your team may have as many players as you want.

5. You are allowed the length of one song to turn in your written answer and point value. An additional song may be allowed for half-time and final questions.

6. Once you have turned in your answer, you may not re-submit another answer.

7. Teams do not lose points for wrong answers, with the exception of the final question.

8. A team may wager up to 20 points on the final question. If your answer is correct, your team is awarded the amount of points wagered. If your answer is incorrect, those points are deducted from your score. 

9. Some rounds include bonus questions or opportunities for additional points.